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Real Estate Consultation

Answer to any Real Estate Question

  • 1 hour
  • Location 1

Service Description

Casual meeting in person or using and online platform to answer any of your real estate questions. It might be as simple as we need a new kitchen. What color cabinets should we pick so our house will resell well after we pass. Or our whole house is being painted, what color paint should we choose. Or maybe you are getting ready to sell. I create a starting point with providing detailed recent sales in the area. Your home does not need to be show ready for our get together That is why you are hiring me. I help you get your house together with a detailed list. Maybe you want to clean up and stage your home. I love doing this kind of thing! Or maybe you want to sell it as is. This works great also. Everyone is different. I provide you with a price based on the current market that matches the condition of your home. Then I help you decide when to list based on your needs and desires. I have three plans that work really well. Please read the Services area of my website to better understand the different fee structures for my always full service representation.

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